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Weardale Lithium Limited (‘WLL’) is a natural resources exploration and development company, seeking to provide a secure and sustainable supply of domestic lithium and geothermal energy from underground geothermal waters in Weardale, County Durham

The only information collected is what Is sent via the Contact Form. No other data is captured in the normal course of this action.

We don’t collect any other data in the UK, and don’t transfer data provided outside of the UK.

We don’t capture data from cookies. Any recorded site statistics are anonymised, and no tracking is undertaken. No personal data is stored in this process.

Emails are sent solely for the purpose of the project in respect of any contact made through the website, and in relation to purpose of that contact. If anyone wishes to be removed from the email archive, an email is enough for us to delete all data held.

If we ever make changes to this policy, you will be first to know; at the same time as it is updated on the website.